Life by bike in KR
Marcus "막국수"

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1. Introduce yourself. Work etc

Introduce yourself. Work etc
I’m Marcus, also known as 막국수 by some people.
I’m an elementary school teacher in a foreign British international school in Seoul.
My hometown is Marlow, just outside of London in the UK. London’s 경기도.

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2. Tell us about your bike. Model name? How did you get it? Why did you choose this bike?

My new bike that I have been riding the most recently is a Clem Smith Jr from Rivendell Bicycle Works.
I shipped it directly from their shop in the USA and upgraded the tires, pedals, saddle and grips.
I’ve always been enamoured by Rivendell Bikes and their philosophy; bikes made for transport more than just sport.
This bike is not fast at all but it is so fun to ride and really comfortable thanks to the long wheelbase.
I am always smiling when riding this bike.
I also have a Velo Orange Polyvalent which is more suited for longer ride and tours. Another great bike!

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3. What do you especially like about your bike? Show off

Rivendell bikes always had an elusive charm to me.
I had never seen one before in real life, only pictures online, so they seemed quite difficult to get hold of.
Therefore, I pounced on the opportunity to buy one when I could.
Rivendell owners always seemed to love their bikes so much and I was curious to find out why.
Now I know why! First, it is unbelievably long, which makes the bike very stable to ride but it is still nimble enough to manoeuvre on countryside trails and the thin alleyways of Seoul.
I like the lime-olive colour and the rugged, chunky tires juxtaposed with the step through frame which makes it more comfortable and accessible.
The Hitch Bar bag is the perfect addition for this bike!

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4. How often do you ride? Why did you choose a bike as transport?

I ride every day for commuting, buying groceries, meeting friends, going to cafes, touring and bike camping etc.
I think the bike is the most superior form of transport for many reasons: it gets you from A to B, it’s good for your health (physically and mentally),
it’s good for the environment and it’s fun!

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5. Introduce places to ride by bike

During the weekend I love riding around Seoul with no real plan, just stopping by a cafe or having a quick bite to eat.
Some of my favourite cafes are: Milestone Hannam, Travertine Yongsan, Deep Blue Lake Mangwon and Biscuit Floor.
I like smaller, independent cafes and always go earlier in the morning when they’re quiet.
Outside of Seoul, my favourite place to ride is Jeolla-do.
The roads are quiet, the scenery is beautiful and the food is incredible down there.

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6. where do you want to go by bike? Why there?

One benefit of covid is that I have spent a lot of time staying in Korea and have been able to see a lot of Korea by bike.
When travel opens up more, I would like to travel outside of Korea with my bike.
Taiwan and Japan are probably my top two destinations in Asia.
I need to visit Bluelug bike shop in Tokyo!

사진 - Marcus (LEICA MINI Ⅱ / Kodak Ultramax 400)
글 - Marcus, 조서형